Strong families are the foundation of our society. I will support parents’ rights to be involved in every important decision that affects their children. Therefore:

Delaware was once a standout in terms of economic growth and the ability to lift oneself out of poverty. But in recent years, overly onerous taxes and regulation have stalled opportunities for the next generation.

  • I will vote for decreasing income tax rates in order to increase business activity, job creation, and tax revenue.

  • I will support a reasonable regulatory environment while making Delaware an attractive option for job creating businesses.

The Delaware and the U.S. Constitutions are based on the ideal of individual rights and freedoms. Too often, government actions have the effect of inhibiting our rights rather than protecting them.

  • I will vote against government intrusion into individual or family rights.

  • I will vote against any legislation which violates our Delaware or U.S. Constitutions.